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IMDBnator is a simple tool to catalog and compare your movies online. It was a simple idea of my friends' who wanted to make a script that would list out all the movies on his computer so that he could choose a movie to watch similar to his taste. It took very little time to create this simple script. After using the comparison results of our HDD , we chose the genre and actors (I love Biography and Brad Pitt!) that we most loved and watched 3 movies back to back. To our surprise, we enjoyed them all! It was clearly evident how useful this script would be and tada ... here we are!

Who runs this awesome website?

Hi, I'm Sai. I'm a Physics undergrad student at Chennai Mathematical Institute, India. This website is a side project of mine along with a small group of students here. As of now, we manage the entire website, front-end and back-end. If you wish to contribute to this website, feel free to contact us.

If you found this website useful. We request you to share it with your friends! It is also available on Github, as a private respitory :P Contact us for pull requests!

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